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About EDM or Electric Dance Music

About EDM or Electric Dance Music

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New Orleans, a port city, was a melting pot of people of various ethnicities who found a common ground in their nightlife which has always gone hand in hand with music. These people listened, performed and blended their respective musics and created new genres and expressions, of which Jazz was one. It was also the place where Africans were experiencing first hand the culture and with it the culture shock of America. The then-slaves expressed their experiences, their feelings and their spirituality through music which manifested itself as Jazz, a genre by its own right. February 26, 1917, was a momentous day when the first official Jazz recording took place. The song was Livery Stable Blues. It was performed by the Original Dixieland Jass Band.

A Global Phenomenon

EDM, despite its initial slow rate of acceptance, has become the creator of a global phenomenon in the form of international music festivals. Held religiously every year, with tickets getting sold out before they are printed, here are a few of the most sought after ones.

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Tomorrowland is an Electronic Dance Music festival held every year in Boom, a city in Belgium. It started in 2005 and now consists of continuous shows stretching over two weekends. Tickets get sold out within minutes of announcement to fans who come from all over the world to dance to DJs and music producers like Garrix, Guetta, Buuren and more.

Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra Music Festival is held every year since 1999 at Downtown Miami in USA. It ranges from being a one day festival to a two weekends one but is the biggest festival in America because it is also live streamed on YouTube for those who cannot make it to the venue! Lakhs of fans throng here to dance to music from the likes of Tiesto, Guetta, Deadmau5 and more.

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Sunburn Festival

The Sunburn Festival is a decade old and till recently was held every year at Goa in India. Now it has shifted base to Pune. It is the largest music festival in Asia and amalgamates the music with the true carnival experience of food, shopping and entertainment. The festival lasts for four days and grooves to the beats of Buuren, Like Mike, Afrojack, Diplo, Garrix and more.

Electric Daisy Carnival

The Electric Daisy Carnival is held for two to three days every year mainly at Las Vegas and is the biggest EDM festival in North America. It is also held at various other venues like Illinois, Colorado, Florida, California, Nevada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Japan and India. DJs and music producers like Yellow Claw, Buuren, Tiesto, Afrojack, Guetta, Aloki, Kaskade and more feed the hungry crowd to the best of the best EDM ever.


Sensation is an EDM festival that was originally held in Netherlands but is now held at other places too like Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuana, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, India to name a few. This festival focuses not only on the music but also the ambience that holds equal space in the heart of fans.

Global Gathering

Global Gathering is an EDM festival that is held over two days every year, at a different country every year, since 2001. The DJ list is arguably the best among all other such festivals the world over.

Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo is the EDM festival that is held every year over the Labor Day weekend at New York. Apart from the famous like Guetta, Pretty Lights and Laidback Luke, this true to its name wild festival encourages and features new talent which will keep the beats going in future years.

Outlook Festival

Outlook Festival is the EDM festival held at Fort Punta Christo in Europe. It focuses mainly on bass which reverberates through the many tunnels and moats in which the speakers are strategically set up. Hosted also on boat parties it all adds up to be more of an experience than just a festival.

The EDM DJ lifestyle

When you are a DJ specializing in EDM, you have got the groove going not only on stages all over the world, but in your life as well. Here is a look at the rich and famous who have made it big and how!

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Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris grew from being a shelf stacker to being the highest paid DJ in the world. He owns a 2.66 acre compound that boasts 10 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools, along with a guest house. He also owns a $230K McLaren supercar that can give you a 207mph. Unlike what you would expect from the rich and famous, he does not do drugs, drink or even smoke. He gets his high from multivitamins and his music. And from donating to charity for the homeless.

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David Guetta

David Guetta has been a DJ since he was sixteen and hasn’t looked back since. Yes he had to work his way up. But when he reached where he is now, little wonder he likes to lead the life he does. Owner of a luxury compound in LA he has a private lake, a swimming pool, a gym and four dining halls. He also owns a penthouse in Miami, his childhool home in London, and his main home and studio in Ibiza. Interestingly he does not own any fancy cars because he was banned from driving in France for overspeeding! How he contributes to the world apart from through his music is through charities related to Ebola victims and anti bullying causes. He also once saved a horse from a festival saying that horses belonged on farms.

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Tiesto was the first DJ to perform on stage at the Olympics which were held in Athens in 2004. Today he is known as the godfather of EDM. He is the owner of so many properties that he jokes that he has to sit down and count them some day. He used to drive an Aston Martin DB, a Skoda Citigo which he had got customized, and a Rolls Royce. Now he has given those up and has his eye on the Aston Martin One 77. He does not own a yacht but often rents one. His complaint in life? The helicopter cannot accommodate all his luggage! He contributes to charities associated with AIDS and children.

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