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A Musical Affair - Retail & Music!!

Is Music really an essential for retail brands? This is the most common question we come across as an In-Stores Radio Solution for Retails. With a case study this time we would finally conclude the topic.

Boon Of Senses

So, as we all know we as humans have 5 very important senses (Smell, Touch, Sight, Taste and Sound) that helps us adjust to and understand our environment better. Today we would only focus on the Sound or the audio part of our sense.

As humans we rely heavily on our Sense to hear things. So much so that subconsciously we are always adjusting our emotions, alertness and other decisions based on it. And therefore, retailers should focus on.

Musical Experimentations

On a study done by Institute of Cambridge on ‘Effect of Auditory stimuli on consumer’s impulse buying decision’ it was found that the music playing in stores does affect the buying decision of consumers. In this study a random grocery store was selected where in they posted about sale on liquor for 2 days. On day one more of German & Irish songs where played. And on day two more of Italian songs were. The only difference which was found was that on the day when German songs where played, the consumer tend to buy more of Beer and Lager because the associated the German & Irish music with the same. On the day two where as it was seen a good amount of sales for Wine and Champagnes because the customers associated the Italian music with the same.

Experimentations Conclude What?

Here it was proved via the impulse buying behavior of customer that in the same shop with the all the other elements being the same and only difference being the kind of music played influenced the buying decision of customers. Music here other than being just an ambient factor becomes a tool the influence the buyer and drive sales in a similar manner.

Therefore, Retail and music are very close knit and every brand needs to find its own Sonic Identity. Because music would have a very similar impact as their brand logo. The brands sonic identity will help customer associate their music with their brand creating a long-lasting impact also most importantly drive sales for them.

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